3 Basic of Spectrum Virgin Coconut Oil

In the concept of light or color, the spectrum of meaning is the level of discrepancy that gave birth to different types. Therefore the spectrum of Coconut Oil can be interpreted as classification or types based on the quality and method of making coconut oil. Generally there are 3 principal categories or varieties of coconut oil.

Wet Mill Heated Fermentation Virgin Coconut Oil

Actually, this kind of is more appropriately called the ordinary coconut oil. But It's better quality because the first process by  fermentation method and milling process of coconut milk before heated or boiled to evaporate the water and separate the protein so that the only remaining pure oils. To get efficiency of the time, this type of manufacture method and so develop by leaving the fermentation process and involves a fairly large machine. This technique became known as Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Method.

Wet Mill Heated Fermentation Virgin Coconut Oil

            To produce Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Fresh coconut meat is ground and convey through hot air dryer in several hour to remove water, then pressed. Sweet coconut flavor and light aroma characterizes the resulting product.

Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil

Wet Mill Heated Fermentation Virgin Coconut Oil

            To produce this product variety, fresh coconut meat mail made into coconut milk. The 2nd step than store for 20 – 25 hours during water portion fermented until oil is skimmed off. Strong aroma and sour coconut flavor characterizes the resulting product. The output it better quality than Wet Mill Heated Fermentation Virgin Coconut Oil Method.

Chilled Centrifuge Method to Produced Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

            It is modern technique of making best brand of virgin coconut oil. In this method, fresh coconut meat made to coconut milk, child and utilize with centrifuge machine to separate oil. Fresh oil is removed within several hours after shelling process. The output is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with fresh coconut flavor and light aroma.

Best Brand of Virgin Coconut Oil

 Alam Nusantara VCO include in this category because it uses the same technique so that people knew it as part of the best brand of virgin coconut oil and automatically much better than Wet Mill Heated Fermentation Virgin Coconut Oil.